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In terms of router security, both WEP  and WPA have been cracked (see links above). All that’s still secure is WPA2 with AES. However, I would like your opinion on what is the best to use for home routers right now: WPA2, WEP, or nothing? WPA2 is more of a hassle than WEP, but it’s secure.

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Router Security

To log in to most routers, open a browser window and enter in the browser bar (if that doesn’t work, try Here is a picture of the login screen on a Verizon router:  verizon router login menu
Unless it has been previously set, most routers have a username and password of admin. Once logged into your router, it should look vaguely like this:verizon router main menu If your username/password was admin/admin, I suggest changing it to something else to enhance security. Other things that you can do on some routers is to look at who is online, block certain people, and edit the firewall. Some other things you can do are to see your IP and change what you log on to (for example, you could make the router