Laptop Security

I found an article on laptop security at Here is my opinion on some things he talks about:

If your machine and data are super-sensitive, you can have tracking software installed in your laptop. Security experts can then track and follow the location of your machine as it moves. It works in the same fashion as a global positioning system does for your vehicle. This proposition is expensive, but it does increase your computer security and your overall chance of data recovery should your machine ever get stolen or lost.

So they undo some screws and pop a GPS in. I’m sure the prospect of buying a screwdriver will make hackers cower in fear.

-Make certain that using hard to decipher passwords enhances your laptop security. If someone does steal or come into possession of your computer, security caused by passwords will make it difficult for someone to access your data.

Lies, man, all lies. As I have stated before, I someone comes into possession of a computer, they’re in. They are in.

-Purchase a laptop security cable and lock so you can tightly keep your laptop closed when it’s not in use.

Because garden shears are so expensive.