We all hate spam. I know there are many blog posts about this, so I’ll try to be short. A good site for statistics on spam is here. On that same site, I found the US laws about spam. That brings me to another point: law and the internet. but I’ll touch on that later. I’ve found the best spam filter to be the one that Gmail has. Read the rest of this entry »


Gmail down

Gmail went down for the majority of its tens of millions of users on Tuesday, September 1, 2009. The Boston Globe’s story is available here, and a Google News search for “gmail” returns many valuable results, at least for now. When I was affected, I thought that one of my labs features had broken, until I found others experienced it, too. Gmail said that it took some servers down for routine repair, and underestimated the additional load on other servers. The Gmail team was alerted of the problem within seconds, but had to continue the maintenance. Google’s report is here. Read the rest of this entry »