Dangerous USB

As all who read here (both of them) know, physical access to a computer and time can always get you all the info on the computer. But now I have a much scarier realization: it is quite possible that a thief (intruder?) could pop in, be at the computer for no more than a second, and be on their way. It is unlikely that the owner will realize as I steal their data over the next few hours. Then the thief pops back in, catches the device, runs out, and the owner never realizes. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Doesn’t it sound like a huge security risk? Yeah. It is.The device works on four principles:

1) Computers accept the “remote wakeup” initated by a USB device, as explained in http://www.usbmadesimple.co.uk/ums_1.htm, part “Host is Master”.

2) Holograms can be small, and do not need to be bulky.

3) USB devices can be embeded in the hub port.

4) A connection made by Bluetooth can be picked up and routed to wherever the hacker may be.

5) People do not poke pencils in USB ports, usually.

The actual device would fit into a USB slot and would be crafted to the individual computer model. The face would have a hologram that would look like it was empty. The inside would connect to the port and send the connection over Bluetoothâ„¢. A replicator planted within 30 feet would then connect over a cellphone network to the hacker’s base of operations (hacker v. cracker distinction to be discussed later). The hacker would then connect their end to a USB hub, and then connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Any other USB connectors could also be added.


One Response to “Dangerous USB”

  1. Nat Mailliw Says:

    You can encrypt the data so when they steal it and go to their house to look at it, it would be random stuff.

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