This is my first post from BloGTK, an Ubuntu package. I was reffered to it from in my search to get Ubuntu One working. One might note that this and not a full post, nor is it on a Sunday at 12:00 GMT-5:00. I will still have the regualr updates, this is just a test.


Self-Consistent Splash-ness

I’m doing Splash, and it’s Saturday night, and boy am I happy I use the post scheduler. Anyway, to explain the title, this post is self-consistent and mostly stays on-topic, like quantum physics, but is only consistent with itself. Anyway, I went to Splash [stay tuned for *gasp* a hyperlink] today, and am going again tomorrow, and all that matters is that I took [computer] Pwning 101. As a side question, does anyone know if running *on* MIT [like, on the buildings] is legal? How about advisable?


I shall be adding posts on seeing beyond ageism, specifically adultism. I believe ageism to be by far the most prevalent prejudice. It is written in to the laws of every country in earth, and deeply rooted in the culture of humanity. a Wikipedia link is http://wikipedia.0rg/ageism.

Coming Back

I shall be coming back to blogging, though I will only post once per week on Sundays at twelve, scheduled ahead of time.