My Plan

I see that I still have hits coming in, so here is my plan: Because I will not be publishing new content for a bit, I am stopping search engines from seeing my blog. I may set previous posts to schedule, so the actual posts will not be trustworthy. Because I can’t think of new material, though, I will do a complete overhaul of anything that is still relevant. Anything that was news when posted, though, will remain the same.

I will not post for a while, though, so I decided to create a mailing list. Anyone who comments on this post with something along the lines of “I want notification” and includes their email address will be emailed when I come back. They do not have to put the address in the body of the post, just the top part. That way, only I can see it.


3 Responses to “My Plan”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi jax, it’s ben k, can u notify me

    • raptortech97 Says:

      dude, no email address. What am I supposed to do, already know you? Sure, dude.

  2. Nat Mailliw Says:

    um… your plan didn’t work cuz i found ur blog through google

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