Google Wave Full

This is the full version, but first, an anouncement : I am switching from UTC to UTC-5:00 because I just found out how.

Sources/helpful links:

Google wave is a hybrid. It has features of email, IM, online documents, social networking,and more. The homepage is much simpler than before the trials were released, but has links to info about Wave. I watched the 120-minute I/O video and poured over the site, but have yet to get an account. Some of the features (simplified a bit):

  • Only one copy is kept, as opposed to multiple copies on different servers
  • Anyone can edit any bit any time
  • Playback feature allows you to see how the wave forms, or in cases of possible dishonesty, see who edited what
  • Editing is synchronous, meaning two people can edit the same line at the same time
  • Extensions or robots are full participants of a Wave that can translate or post to other sites, among other uses

Wave is entirely in HTML5, though, meaning that Internet Explorer can’t access it.


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