RSA Cracking.ppt – “Google Docs”

“Cracking RSA with Read/Write Capabilities

  • Assume RSA cannot be cracked
  • Think of how RSA works
  • Think of what is necessary for RSA to work
  • Think of how to get past that
  • Do not think of trying to brute force, guess, etc. too much work”

I have cracked RSA. Now you know why I am anonymous. If anybody tries anything, there are others who know. The above is the first slide of what I sent them.


My Plan

I see that I still have hits coming in, so here is my plan: Because I will not be publishing new content for a bit, I am stopping search engines from seeing my blog. I may set previous posts to schedule, so the actual posts will not be trustworthy. Because I can’t think of new material, though, I will do a complete overhaul of anything that is still relevant. Anything that was news when posted, though, will remain the same.

I will not post for a while, though, so I decided to create a mailing list. Anyone who comments on this post with something along the lines of “I want notification” and includes their email address will be emailed when I come back. They do not have to put the address in the body of the post, just the top part. That way, only I can see it.

Taking a Break

Over the course of the next month, this site will disappear from the interwebs, and possibly from your conscience. This is due to my current inability to write new material. I am taking a break to refresh my mind a write new material. I may come back in a week, a month, or never. So bye, for now, to my meager, yet important, flow of visitors.

Coding theory

I recently wen to a lecture on coding theory, where they told a very interesting story, which I will relay to you after school, so about five hours.

Hadamard discovered Hadamard matrices in the 1800’s for purely theoretical reasons. When NASA sent robots to Mars, they used Hadamard matrices for error-checking on pictures sent from Mars.

On the lighter side of hardware security

I think I’ve stressed enough that if someone has physical access to your computer, it’s down. However, I neglected to mention that security does not need to be just software. Locking the door, for example, should stop convenience hacks.

Google Wave Full

This is the full version, but first, an anouncement : I am switching from UTC to UTC-5:00 because I just found out how.

Sources/helpful links:

Google wave is a hybrid. It has features of email, IM, online documents, social networking,and more. The homepage is much simpler than before the trials were released, but has links to info about Wave. I watched the 120-minute I/O video and poured over the site, but have yet to get an account. Some of the features (simplified a bit):

  • Only one copy is kept, as opposed to multiple copies on different servers
  • Anyone can edit any bit any time
  • Playback feature allows you to see how the wave forms, or in cases of possible dishonesty, see who edited what
  • Editing is synchronous, meaning two people can edit the same line at the same time
  • Extensions or robots are full participants of a Wave that can translate or post to other sites, among other uses

Wave is entirely in HTML5, though, meaning that Internet Explorer can’t access it.