Comment system

I haven’t gotten many comments recently, and now I think I see why. When you go to post a comment, you can choose to fill out name, email address, and website. None of that, however, is obligatory. I do not hold comments for moderation unless they contain links (a common aspect of spam) or if Askimet, the spam filter, finds the comment to be spam. If Askimet catches anything, I will try to look it over within 24 hours.

Edit: I now see people can comment. Thanks for the replies!


5 Responses to “Comment system”

  1. girlsflyingsolo Says:

    Hi! Test comment.

  2. raptortech97 Says:

    good to see it’s working for you

  3. classicaus Says:

    Just mentioning that when I comment here, I don’t get that option to fill in information you mentioned

  4. raptortech97 Says:

    are you a wordpress member? if yes, then when making the post you should see something like “Logged in as classicaus. Logout »” over the text area. this is because you are signed into wordpress

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It seems people are still posting name, email, website so I need to check it works

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