Google Wave

Important Update: Google Wave was released today. If anyone has been invited to Google Wave and can invite me at raptortech97 [at] gmail, please do. There’s a chance I might post actual content on this tomorrow, but for now I’m too burned out from posting once a day to up it.


<unbiased info>AlphaInventions is a service that receives posts from services such as wordpress and shows them</unbiased post>

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Simply Passwords

To simplify the past few posts, here is how passwords work on most computers:

1) user creates password

2) system uses algorithm to create and save hash. Each hash has several possible passwords

3) user uses interface to enter password

4) interface creates hash of entered password

5) system determines if hashes match

Start Me Off

I recently got a new XP Acer netbook, and of course had to do the basics; run CPU test, download a bunch of programs, and run CPU-heavy tasks to make sure it would work in normal use, so if it didn’t I would still have time to return it. That all got me thinking: what if there was a computer that would automatically download common programs such as openoffice, the google pack, and browser plugins like java and flash (Note: the google pack already allows you to download some common programs, which is good, but it doesn’t include (all) plugins or openoffice or CPU testing).

Note: Here is a complete list of software available in the pack

Windows Password Security- Part 3

As I recall, I was talking about hashes. The answer to yesterday’s question is that you can; one program that allows you to do this is called fgdump. It takes the hash and directly logs in, without using the login screen. I’m pretty sure that this is the end of the series.

Scheduling Posts

Some of you may have noticed that my posts have been behaving oddly, ie. disappearing. This is not your computer/browser, nor is it WordPress’s fault. I’m to take the blame. I have been in a creative streak, hence the recent one post/day. I have been writing many posts and publishing before I remember to schedule them, resulting in a post appearing in the blogosphere for up to a minute.

Why am I scheduling posts? I want to make my posts regular so that readers don’t get fed up when I post five posts in one day then nothing for a week. I also want to be able to write when I feel like it, yet let the readers have regularity. So from now forward, If I post actual content, it will be served at noon GMT, without daylight savings.

Windows Password Security- Part 2

Where was I? Oh, yes rainbow tables. Rainbow tables are massive tables with many different hash-password combos. Using this, ophcracker reads the hash Windows has stored and finds it on the table, with the matching passwords. Now you may ask why one might not read the hash and simply use that. And that is a valid question, and hopefully a valid answer will be in the next post.